Our Story

Rooted in the remarkable history of Siete Rojo, our clothing brand pays homage to my father's visionary impact. Siete Rojo, the renowned brothel that thrived in Venezuela from the 80s to the early 2000s.

Under my family's guidance, Siete Rojo provided a safe haven, free from judgment, for sex workers. It revolutionized the industry by offering benefits, like housing and regular health checks, while also granting the women who worked there the freedom to set their own rates and working hours.

With each garment we create, we contribute to destigmatization by offering a tangible reminder that sex workers deserve respect, support, and equal rights. We commit to donating a portion of our proceeds to fund initiatives that provide resources, legal aid, healthcare, and educational opportunities for sex workers, allowing them to thrive and flourish on their own terms.

We will break down barriers, challenge prejudice, and pave the way towards a more compassionate and inclusive world—one where all individuals, regardless of their occupation, are celebrated and embraced.